Company Introduction


Funcoin internation( is a global trading platform for cryptocurrency based on block chain technology.The headquarter is registered in Seychelles and registered 주식회사퍼코인 in South Korea.We will open a international website(named as and acted as a decentralized exchange for applying to list independently) in the future.


We are developing the new version of our official website, 1.02 release of App, the windows client and the mac client.The purpose of Funcoin is to improve the user experience and provide a secure and reliable service platform for digital asset lovers of block chain all over the world by continuously changing and improving ourselves.


1.Global Service

The users in any country or any area can trade in one platform with the help of the Global Service.


2.Rich kinds of coins

Funcoin aims to become a platform having the most kinds of coins.


3.Interesting investment

Funcoin supports various investing ways which brings investments a lot of fun.

Funcoin Community

Funex International Limited

Vistra Corporate Services Centre, Suite 23,1st Floor, Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Mahé,Republic of Seychelles.

Funcoin Korea

서울특별시 구로구 디지털로306,810호

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