KPL is listed on Funcoin


Dear users:


Funcoin will list Kepler Shares(KPL) at 12:00 on 2018.02.06 and open the KPL/ETH market at the same time.Enjoy and have fun with KPL!


The recharging and withdrawing services are opened now.You could check the details after logging in.


Kepler Shares(abbreviated as KPL) is a decenteralised trading and releasing system for digital assets.It is well known as Intelligent release of assets, decenteralised and safe storage, grades of the digital ID, encrypted information and so on.


Official website:

Wallet download:


The quantity of agent coins: 150 million

Circulating quantity: 150 million


Platforms listed: CCEX,LIVECOIN.NET


Rates instruction:buy/sell:0.1%  withdraw:0.5%


Risk instruction: The investments of digital coins have a high risk.Participants should be cautious when trading.


Funcoin will always pick the high quality coins but we do not make a guarantee and take responsibility for the loss of investments.


Thank you once again for your support to Funcoin!


Funcoin team

February 01,2018

Funcoin Community