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Funcoin will list Whitecoin(XWC) at 18:00 on 2018.02.06(Seoul time) and open XWC/KRW, XWC/BTC and XWC/ETH markets at the same time.Join us and have fun with XWC!


The recharge and withdraw services of XWC are opened now.You can recharge and withdraw coins in the financial center when you log in.


WhiteCoin(XWC) which is called Bai Bi in China is established in 2014.04 and is a new global block chain asset with no center based on POS 3.0.Compared with Bitcoin, XWC has advantages in economy because it don’t waste power to build a new block and represents for the green block chain asset of the new generation.More and more people from all over the world work with the XWC system and make it safer, cheaper and stronger by integrating services and sellers to the block chain.Chinese development group joined the community in 2017.They are charge for application development and promotion which will help with the development of the XWC.XWC focuses on network security, payment, communication security and so on.It aims to improve block chain ecosystem and provide a safe and convenient block chain asset with necessary  value preservation and increment.


Official website:https://www.whitecoin.info/

Wallet download:https://www.whitecoin.info/get-whitecoin/

Block query:http://explorer2.whitecoin.info/


Agent coin quantity:313000000

Circulating quantity:248574543


Platform listed:Bittrex, EXX, eBTCbank, Stocks Exchange, FreiExchange, Lbank, fubt


Rates instruction:buy/sell:0.1%  withdraw:0.5%


Risk instruction:Digital coins are investments with a high risk.Investor should buy them carefully and pay attention to the risk.


Funcoin will always pick the high quality coins but we do not take responsibilities for guarantees and indemnification of investments.


Thank you once again for your support to Funcoin!


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February 04,2018

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