HGT has been listed on Funcoin


Dear users:


Funcoin will list HelloGold Token(HGT)at 12:00 on 2018.02.12(Seoul time) and open the HGT/ETH market at the same time.Enjoy and have fun with HGT!


The recharge and withdraw services of HGT are opened now.You can recharge and withdraw coins in the financial center when you log in.


HelloGold is a company operated in Malaysia and the owner of HGT has a change to get the Gold Backed Tokens(GOLDX) which depends on the feedback given by the HelloGold foundation.The feedback is 10% of the managing fee and the upper limit of the GOLDX is 3.8 tonnes of gold.The foundation also hopes to award people who owns HGT according to the other assets like silver, palladium and so on selling by HelloGold.


Official website:www.hellogold.org


Agent coin quantity:1,000,000,000

Circulating quantity:250,000,000


Platform listed:Coss,EtherDelta,Gatecoin,HitBTC,HKSY


Rates instruction:buy/sell:0.1%  withdraw:0.5%


Risk instruction:Digital coins are investments with a high risk.Investors should buy them carefully and pay attention to the risk.


Funcoin will always pick the high quality coins but we do not take responsibilities for guarantees and indemnification of investments.


Thank you once again for your support to Funcoin!


Funcoin team

February 07,2018

Funcoin Community
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