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Funcoin will list IBC at 12:00 on 2018.03.20(Seoul time) and open IBC/KRW and IBC/ETH market at the same time.Join us and have fun with IBC!


IBCoin is a kind of coded coin designed for particular field.It serves for the entire adult entertainment industry.Team’s job is to become a standard,safe and anonymous coin for the adult entertainment, meetings and the other relevant industries.

It is difficult for companies in the adult industry to keep absolute privacy for people.Many potential customers visit adult websites to satisfy their sex fantasy.However,they quit the register or payment flow when websites ask for their personal or finance information.Therefore,people who run adult websites lose a large number of business every day because of lack of a anonymous and safe way to pay to watch what they want.

IBCoin solves all the problems completely.It is a totally anonymous coded coin and offers a convenient and pleasant experience with the help of the block chain technology.It helps users to trade in a private and safe way and brings a unprecedented opening for the businesses in the adult industry.


Official website:http://ibcoin888.tw/

Wallet download:https://token.im/

Block query:https://etherscan.io/token/0xdecf3a00e37bada548ec438dcef99b43d7f9f67d


Agent coin quantity:30000000000

Circulating quantity:39000000


Rates instruction:buy/sell:0.1%  withdraw:0.5%


Risk instruction:Digital coins are investments with a high risk.Investor should buy them carefully and pay attention to the risk.


Funcoin will always pick the high quality coins but we do not take responsibilities for guarantees and indemnification of investments.


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Funcoin team

March 20,2018

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