Funcoin create the pure old-coin column


Dear users:


Since Bitcoin was born in 2009, the development of the block chain digital asset is changing rapidly as time goes on.According to the reports of the coinmarketcap, there are thousands of digital assets in the market and the total market capitalization is up to $297,899,934,404.The digital assets not recorded is more.


With the explosion of the market, a large number of agent coins come out.Some great teams devote themselves to the new technology which encourage the iterations of the block chain.However, there are also some bad coins which we hate the most like ‘air’ coin, ‘running’ coin and so on.


Due to the condition of the today’s market, Funcoin appeals for the regression of the old coins.We will create a new old-coin column without center and provide a professional communication platform for fans who enjoy the old coins which contribute to the standardized market.


Funcoin has listed DOGE/EAC/QRK/WDC/XWC/IFC on the BTC market and we will list the old coin named POW which is earlier than 2015.It’s welcome that old authorities with the normal main-chains and teams charge for operation and technologies email us.We will get you online after the estimations as soon as possible.


Thank you once again for your support to Funcoin!


Funcoin team

March 27,2018

Funcoin Community